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Seed & Soil Wellness

We are a functional medicine & chiropractic clinic taking a revolutionary approach to healing. Our tailored approach addresses the root cause of your disease rather than just symptom management. Explore our in-person and telehealth options today.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide wellness care to those in need by developing the optimal environment for healing, using chiropractic, light therapy, breathwork, acupuncture, botanicals, nutrition, & lifestyle modification. It is time to shift the medical paradigm away from sickcare & toward true healthcare. Both the Seed & the Soil need to be healthy in order for growth to occur.  All of us should Strive to Thrive, not just focus on surviving.  Let’s bring harmony back to your health.

Our Services


Gut Health

We use the “5 R” Approach to treat gut dysfunction, strategically working to evaluate your ability to digest, absorb, and eliminate the food that you consume through noninvasive means. 

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Hormone Balance

Experiencing menstrual issues, fatigue or anxiety? Our goal is to find the true mechanism at play. By working with your body and not against it, we can reinstate the proper functioning of your endocrine system.

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In a toxic world, it is hard to find equilibrium without help. We focus on investigating your liver function, sleep quality, bowel patterns and more to discover how well your body is eliminating toxins.


Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine

We provide comprehensive chiropractic and alternative medicine services tailored to each individual’s unique nervous system, opening pathways and relieving chronic lower back pain, migraines and beyond.



We work to return balance to the body by understanding the various ways Autoimmunity can present itself and identifying the best path forward for your unique situation. Together, we’ll  work to successfully repair gut lining, improve nutrient status and more.

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Expecting & New Moms

It takes at least four adults to care for a single child. Let us assist in nourishing and nurturing the new addition to your family, whether that be through working to optimize fertility or advising on formula alternatives.

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Battling weight gain, brain fog or mood swings? We use a variety of methods including exercise programs, supplementation and Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy to optimize metabolic flexibility.

Light Therapy

Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Red and Near Infrared wavelengths stimulate essential enzymatic reactions & structure the water within your body. These wavelengths are much like nutrients and help treat skin issues, fatigue, stress and more.

"Dr. Damon wants you to truly understand the WHY. His knowledge is unmatched and his passion for total wellness is so motivating."

- Courtney V.

About Seed & Soil

Seed & Soil is all about balance. The Seed is your mind, body, and soul which must be treated with the utmost respect. The Soil, in our analogy, is your environment, including the air you breathe and the toxins you're exposed to. Our work is structured to empower an optimal mixture of yin and yang in our clients’ lives.

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