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Functional Techniques, Transformative Results

We are a functional medicine clinic that is focused on treating the root cause of dis-ease. We believe in taking the time to identify underlying factors, such as toxins, chronic infections, malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, or stressors, that are causing the body to react in an altered manner.  This does not mean that we disregard your symptoms.  If you are in pain, then we must address that concern while looking deeper for the real culprit.  Otherwise, a new complaint is right around the corner, waiting for the most inopportune time to disrupt your life.

Unfortunately, Conventional Medicine & Healthcare have become inundated with protocols.  They see the diagnosis and immediately use a standardized approach, forgetting that there is a human being sitting in front of them that does not respond to such cookie-cutter treatments.  We instead aim to treat the individual experiencing this unfortunate set of symptoms.

Gut Health Icon

Gut Health

Our goal is to determine the integrity of your gut lining and the diversity of your microbiome  through lab work, heart rate variability, facial diagnosis and an abdominal exam. This allows us to understand  your ability to digest, absorb and eliminate the food that you consume through noninvasive means. For treatment, we follow the “5 R” approach.

Hormone Balance Icon

Hormone Balance

We listen to your presenting symptoms to understand which hormones may be disrupted before performing either blood, saliva or urine testing to determine how to effectively treat you. By discovering the true mechanism at play, we work with your body and not against it to reinstate the proper functioning of your endocrine system.

Detox Icon


In a toxic world, it is our aim to limit negative exposure, improve lymphatic drainage and upregulate your liver’s natural capacity to process toxins and eliminate them. By studying your liver function, sleep quality, bowel patterns, sweating and breathing strategies we can create a tailored plan to help you find equilibrium.

Metabolism Icon


The powerhouses of the cell are the mitochondria, so our focus is mainly on mitochondrial function. Our goal is to achieve metabolic flexibility so that the body utilizes both glucose and fat efficiently. Specific treatments include Red & Near Infrared light therapy, supplementation, exercise programming and fasting protocols.

Light Therapy

Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy

Red & Near Infrared Light (NIR) wavelengths help us create energy more effectively. Since we are typically indoors or wearing excessive clothing, it has become difficult to absorb all of our light nutrients. Light therapy stimulates essential processes that help maintain balance within the body. And here we thought only plants harnessed the sun’s immense power!


Chiropractic & Alternative Medicine

Human hands can be extremely healing tools when yielded appropriately. Our chiropractic philosophy blends science and art to support patients experiencing a range of symptoms ranging from neck tension to limited spinal mobility.



We work to return balance to the body by understanding the various ways Autoimmunity can present itself and identifying the best path forward for your unique situation. Together, we’ll  work to successfully repair gut lining, improve nutrient status and more. 

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Expecting & New Moms

It’s our goal to help you and your family thrive by guiding you through every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum experience with sound, supportive services and consultation. We are experienced in supporting women navigating Endometriosis, Gestational Diabetes, Preeclampsia and more

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