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Hormone Balance

Our comprehensive hormone balance treatment is built to work with your body, not against it, with an end goal of reinstating the proper functioning of your endocrine system. Following your 15 minute telehealth consultation, we will schedule a comprehensive evaluation and potentially run preliminary blood tests such as a CBC and CMP. From there, we will discuss findings and recommend a treatment that can take place in the comfort of your own home over telehealth.


Symptoms Associated with Hormone Imbalance

Common symptoms include weight gain, muscle loss, fatigue, sleep disturbances, menstrual issues, decreased libido, cold intolerance, anxiety, moodiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, acne, painful bowel movements and unusual hair growth.

"I have never before been able to subscribe to such therapies, but with Dr. Damon’s scientific-meets-holistic approach I have already seen major benefits and I am certain I will continue to see benefits using his tools and guidance.”

- Happy Client

The Seed & Soil Solution

By discovering the true mechanism at play, we work to reinstate the proper functioning of your endocrine system.  We may incorporate chiropractic adjustments to enhance neural communication, stimulate better digestive transit time through breath work & body work, or make subtle changes to the diet, along with essential supplementation, to improve nutrient absorption.

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Schedule Your Free Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about our services? Schedule a free 15 minute virtual consultation today! We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to helping you heal happy.

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