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Migraines are much more than headaches.  They are much more than a magnesium deficiency.  Acutally, the migraine brain is designed for hypervigilance.  This explains the extra-sensitive sensory experiences from sounds, odors, & light.  This does not mean that you must live in agony however.  We must find simple solutions & modifications so that your brain can rest assured that the environment is a safe place.


The impending doom.  The prodrome is the early indicator that a migraine is approaching.  It is actually a series of events that ramps up the "fight, flight, flee, or fawn" response.  It is not too late though as if cellular energy is increased before full depletion, the migraine can be avoided.  Some of the more common prodromes include, anxiety, dizziness, tingling, visual aura, blurred vision, eye pain, IBS, restless leg, yawning, & light sensitivity.

"If I were not introduced to functional medicine by Dr. Damon, I would be another individual blinded by
the false notion of wellness that so many of us are conditioned to."

- Happy Client

The Seed & Soil Solution

The short answer is rebalancing your electrolyte status & restoring your cellular voltage.  This will prevent the brain from needing a hard reset which results in the migraine symptoms.  You can sometimes see this taking place as an aura.  Our task is to find the best strategies for maintaining electrolyte equilibrium for your body.  

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