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The powerhouse of the cell is the mitochondria, so our metabolism treatment focuses mainly on mitochondrial function. Through a variety of techniques, we work to achieve metabolic flexibility, meaning that the body utilizes both glucose and fat efficiently.  However diet must coincide with light exposure, sleep, breathing, movement, & joy.

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More Than Weight Loss 

We will never understand the full complexity of human metabolism.  There are too many nuances for the brain to comprehend.  That means the solution entails a paradigm shift in thinking.  Taking a whole systems approach over reductionism will bring your metabolism back online.  Look to nature, she holds the answers to everything.

"I’ve never felt more cared for than I do with Dr. Damon. He asks the right questions, listens to me, and devotes himself to finding the solutions. I recommend him to everyone looking for an alternative to the norm."

 Kristina N. 

The Seed & Soil Solution

You are not a machine, so we do not treat you that way.  Building the foundations of health is the primary focus early in care.  Then we can begin to implement strategic, customized protocols to enhance metabolic flexibility.  Remember though, that we live by cycles, so certain times of day and year should cater to a slower metabolic rate.  Otherwise, you will age faster & burn out your systems.

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