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Our Services

The Complete Functional Medicine Practice.  No more waiting in the clinic to be seen by your provider, just log on to the call from the comfort of your home.  The virtual medical experience provides convenience and comprehensive care for our patients.  We practice holistic medicine which customizes a treatment plan to reinvigorate your body's innate healing capacity.  We will remain with you the whole time during you healing journey. 

Functional Medicine

Treating the Root Cause of Disease. Understand what is happening inside your body through comprehensive laboratory testing.  We ensure that the improvements in lab markers correspond with your symptom improvements.

Membership Subscription

Alternative to the outdated health insurance model.  Receive exceptional care with your immediate access to your doctor.  The return on investment for your health cannot be matched.  

Online Course


Lab Test Interpretation

Send over your recent blood panel results or advanced lab tests so that a qualified professional can perform a full analysis for you.

Family Natural Medicine


Nutrient Optimization

Whether you choose to test your nutrient status or skip the testing, we can design a plan to maximize your nutrient absorption. 

What Our Clients Say

Larissa R.

Dr. Damon has been nothing but a blessing in my life! He is redefining what true health, wellness, and healing looks like. If you’re looking for a doctor who listens, cares, and addresses the root cause of disease, then look no further. He has raised the current health standard and is truly passionate about his work. It’s incredibly refreshing to see. I know Dr. Damon has my best interest in mind and the results I have seen with him in just a matter of months speak volumes.

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