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"Dr. Meixsell’s dedication to finding out my WHY is what motivated me to try this program. This program has not only helped my symptoms, but also get down to the bottom of why my body was reacting in that way and has helped shape my lifestyle! Dr. Meixsell knows that in order for true change to happen you have to incorporate baby steps which is why the phases helped me to not feel overwhelmed. Small changes can reap massive benefit."

- Happy Client

Magnified Grass

The Strive to Thrive Program


The Strive to Thrive Program teaches sustainable lifestyle modification through a proven four phase approach. Over the course of 1-3 months, the program works to incrementally establish new, healthy habits, progressing from basic strategies to more challenging endeavors. 

This program is built for any individual hoping to improve their vitality, who doesn’t have any underlying condition which may limit their success. Participants may consider an initial evaluation with Seed & Soil, or another natural medicine provider, if they are experiencing even mild disturbances in health.

How does it work?

Upon registration, participants receive immediate access to the Strive to Thrive resources.

Participants progress through the four phases of the program, advancing from basic techniques to more challenging endeavors along the way.

Following completion, participants will have solidified helpful, healthy habits that improve vitality.


More Energy

Clear Thinking

Improved Focus

Better Digestion

Deeper Sleep

More Joy

Less Pain

Healthier Skin

New Growth

The Strive to Thrive Health Program


Upon purchase, you will receive an email to the address provided with instructions on how to get started! Reach out with any questions.

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