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Germs Exposed as Frauds

Receiving information without reflecting on it is not education – it is Indoctrination.

We need more education, less indoctrination. Learn from others but build off of their ideas.

Knowledge truly is power. Now that I got my little rant out of the way.

Viruses as pathological agents DO NOT EXIST. Microbes have no ill-intent toward us. They are just trying to survive by living their purpose. Sometimes that does not jive with our wellbeing, but that is not because we were unfortunately and randomly exposed to them. Some imbalance in the ecosystem has occurred setting the stage for their entry or proliferation.

Maggots do not feed on living tissue & mosquitos do not create the stagnant pond. What we call an infection may be more akin to these scenarios, where dead tissue in our body needs repair & part of that renovation team includes different microbes. Once the dead tissue is replaced, then the microbiome shifts back to homeostasis.

The reason that we become chronically ill is because we live so far out of tune with our natural design. The abrupt changes, evolutionarily speaking, throw our systems into a tailspin (Side Note: I loved that cartoon Tailspin as a kid). Then add into the equation a constant bombardment of poisons introduced to the environment and we have a recipe for disaster.

There are foundational aspects of health – violate those natural laws & expect your health to deteriorate.

What should we really expect when we stop moving, stop sleeping, stop cooking, stop connecting, and stop exposing ourselves to sunlight? Stare at screens, eat fast food, get vaccinated, breathe pollution, and live in constant fear; now we are brewing up a masterful mismatch disease state.

Acute illness is a different story entirely. This is where our body has determined a necessary reset. We must not try to impede its tactics and undermine its innate ability to revitalize itself. That could come in many different forms that typically begin with “anti-.” Antibiotics being the most familiar insult to our innate intelligence. Now the renovation team has been nuked and more dead tissue will form in the wake of this destruction. Plan A will likely feel like a walk in the park compared to Plan B, or even Plan C.

At the end of the day, stop viewing your body as a delicate receptacle. You are Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, not Mr. Glass. Sorry to all of you Samuel L. fans out there.


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