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What is Infrared Light Therapy, and How Can You Benefit?

Infrared light therapy is the hot topic these days, with all kinds of devices popping up on the market. Is it just a trendy fad or are there true benefits to this modality?

In today’s blog, our functional medicine specialist, Dr. Damon, shares some insight on the science behind infrared light therapy and how you can benefit on your healing journey.

What is Infrared Light?

Near-Infrared light is a kind of radiant energy on the electromagnetic spectrum between 810-850 nm. Its wavelengths are longer than visible light but shorter than radio waves, while the frequency of the waves is higher than that of microwaves but lower than visible light.

While it is invisible to the eye, it can be felt as heat. Like visible light, it can be focused, like a laser. This kind of light is further subdivided into ‘bands’ referred to as near-, mid-, and far-infrared.

Infrared lighting has been found to be useful in countless ways from creating heat sensors and night vision to thermal imaging and observing space. Additionally, infrared light is an incredibly powerful healing modality.

How is Infrared Light Therapeutic?

While near-infrared light therapy is a relatively new method for treating pain and encouraging healthy cell growth, it shows powerful promise for many conditions.

Near-Infrared light works by stimulating the mitochondria, which you may know as the powerhouse of the cell. By improving the function of these heavy lifters, your cells have a better chance of self-repair.

This also means an activation of ATP, or adenosine triphosphate. This is the molecule in your cells that carries energy by capturing energy from the breakdown of food and transporting it to fuel additional processes. It stimulates white blood cells, which fight infection, repair damaged tissue, and promote collagen production. Hello, glowing skin!

How You Can Benefit from Infrared Therapy

There are countless benefits of infrared therapy. Let’s explore the top 5!

1. Reduced Pain and Inflammation

This is one of the most powerful reasons to use infrared light to heal the body. When you reduce pain and inflammation, you lay a foundation for the body to do its thing and properly heal so you can thrive.

Since infrared light can penetrate through your body, it can effortlessly hit deep tissues. It can boost blood circulation, oxygenating damaged or struggling parts of your body.

It can additionally trigger the release of endorphins, reducing pain and allowing you to truly rest.

2. Muscle Repair

Since your cells can produce more energy when stimulated by infrared light, they will promote efficiency when it comes to muscle repair.

Infrared light may be beneficial if you need relief from an injury or simply want to speed up your recovery after a hard workout.

3. Improved Mood

With the boost in ATP, and therefore energy, in combination with an endorphin rush, you’re bound to feel a positive shift in your mood.

With a pep in your step, you will have more productive days, feel inspired to practice self-care, and feel more fulfilled by daily existence.

4. Immune Regulation

In today’s highly toxic environments full of pollutants, processed foods, endless technology, and high-stress, largely sedentary lifestyles, the proper functioning of our immune health is vital for our longevity.

Whether your immune system is overactive due to autoimmune issues or underactive, causing you to get sick constantly, red-light therapy can promote the proper functioning of white blood cells and improve lymphatic drainage. This gentle detox will help remove any unwanted visitors from the body, creating a platform for ultimate well-being.

5. Glowing Skin

The result of less inflammation, a properly functioning immune system, and lowered stress levels is healthy skin! Infrared therapy boosts collagen production, giving your skin a youthful and elastic appearance. As it promotes cellular regeneration, you can rebuild the skin barrier to create the optimal environment for a healthy variety of microorganisms to thrive!

The skin is the largest organ of the body, connecting the outside world to our internal state. It can tell us a lot about our health, often showing as one of the first signs something is imbalanced in the body. This is where the Red-Light frequencies of 630-660 nm truly shine, pun intended.

If you’re struggling with unexplained skin issues, contact Dr. Damon at Seed and Soil for an evaluation! Our holistic medicine practitioners will spend time truly listening to your concerns and will never rush you out the door before you feel comfortable with your plan of action moving forward.

Achieve Cellular Glow with Seed & Soil Wellness

As you can see, infrared light therapy has many detoxifying benefits. At the very least, it is a relaxing and warming experience. If you are curious to try this healing modality, contact our compassionate team at Seed and Soil Wellness today!

At Seed and Soil, our mission is to shine a light on the root cause of your health concerns. We will never invalidate the symptoms you are feeling or leave you feeling confused and unsure of the best next steps.

Infrared therapy may be what helps you most on the road to recovery, but we have countless scientifically-backed techniques and treatments to get you back on your feet. Reach out to our providers today to learn more!


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