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The Sickness of Fear

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”


Those words were spoken to a nation that faced many perils and uphill battles as they continued to rebuild after the complete crash of the market leading to the Great Depression. On the horizon laid turmoil and conflict due to the punitive measures exerted on the German state for its World War I actions. During that period, there were true enemies and hardships that could have easily broken even the strongest of individuals down, without leaving a remote resemblance of their former selves. However, they did not cower. They did not retreat. They did not wait for some bureaucratic decisions to save them. They faced their fears and gave everything they had for their brothers and sisters. Many men and women of the time exemplified the meaning of courage and came out on the other side more resilient than ever.

Through these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we must find that same courage to propel ourselves into optimized vitality. Develop positive energy within yourself, allow prana safe passage into your being, and open the flood gates for your qi to flow. Then send that energy out into the world so that others can experience the true essence of living. The cavalry is not coming to the rescue. Take hold of the reins as you head down your own path to health freedom.

Take back control of your health. Stop being manipulated by greedy corporations and elitists trying to keep you convinced that you need their synthetic drugs in order to remain above ground. Those drugs may help you to survive somewhat longer before perishing, but they will not allow you to thrive as a human being on this planet. Our vitality has been, and will always remain, within our grasp if we abide by the laws of nature and live more like our distant ancestors once did. We have to adapt some of those ancient practices to our modern world, but it is still the best path to bringing harmony back to our health. If you want a robust immune system and avoid the destructive nature of COVID-19, then consider the aspects of vitality that are missing from your life right now and start to implement them one by one. These may include quality sleep, sunlight, cold exposure, movement, proper breathing patterns, social connection, mindfulness, emotional stability, sex, and of course improved dietary habits. And that is really just scratching the surface of optimal health. Also, did you notice that none of those practices require breaking the bank or a prescription from your doctor?

I want to remind you that you have the innate power and intuition to know what your body needs; you just need to stop and listen to it every once in a while. We are currently living through a pandemic, a pandemic of fear. When you are living in fear, your reasoning, thoughts, and decision making are easily susceptible to propaganda. There are forces out there that want you to live in fear so that they can influence your daily activities. However, if you continually follow healthy practices and alter negative habits, then your brain, eyes, and intuition will be able to recognize when something is afoot.

We were sold a bill of goods by the titans of industry that deceived us into thinking that we need to stomp out every ache, pain, and fever that surfaces. Many times, these are signals from our bodies trying to tell us that something is wrong. Do not treat your body like your car and ignore the yellow engine warning sign on the dashboard. By taking a pill to lower a fever, in effect, you have just disconnected the wiring of your warning system without ever investigating why the yellow light came on in the first place. There are times when pharmaceutical intervention is needed but they should be reserved for emergencies. Most of the time, we should be healthy enough to handle the stressors of our daily lives, and that includes any virus that comes our way.

It is kind of funny that when I was actually in a warzone, I did not really have a ton of fear. Mortars would rain down around us at night, but I would still find a way to fall asleep. Maybe it was because I was with my band of brothers or maybe I just accepted the possibility of death. Any one of those soldiers and marines over there would likely echo that sentiment and I do not think it is the training that develops that general sense of calm in the face of danger. Now that the world is an extremely safe place to live for much of the population, fear has actually found safer refuge. Once we recognize that as a world, we can begin to heal our wounds and throw a wrench in the fear tactics being used against us.


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