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Supporting the Body Through Breast Cancer: Alternative & Complementary Therapies

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, people all over the world are showing their support for those affected by this brutal illness. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer, with 290,560 cases expected in the US this year.

Treatments for breast cancer are intended to destroy harmful cells, but this unfortunately means a patient’s whole body takes some damage. Fortunately, cancer treatments are becoming more comprehensive with improved survival rates and less intense side effects, especially with the right complementary therapies.

Our integrative practitioner, Dr. Damon shares how natural, nontoxic therapies can support the body’s incredible ability to heal itself through the challenge of breast cancer.

Why Extra Support is Crucial During Cancer Treatment

When the body undergoes allopathic cancer treatment, whether radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery, the lymphatic system, which is the body’s primary detoxification system, is placed under a significant amount of stress.

The lymphatic system is a series of hundreds of nudes and tubes that run through the body. The lymph system plays a role in:

  • Cleaning the blood and body of bacteria and other infections

  • Destroying old or abnormal cells, like cancer cells, and carrying them out of the body through sweat, bowels, urine, and breath (hello morning breath!)

Because cancer treatment involves removing excess waste from the body, fluid buildup and swelling are common in the body. Treatments that support this natural bodily process can make a massive difference in a person’s experience while overcoming cancer.

These include:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialized technique to reduce swelling and clear the body of waste. This type of massage involves incredibly light pressure to avoid flattening the vessel since the lymph vessels are on the surface of the skin. Envision unkinking a hose so that the water can flow seamlessly.

There are ways to practice lymphatic drainage at home with your hands and available tools, but you should receive some level of instruction from a professional first. In some cases, some contraindications may indicate MLD is not the best treatment for your unique body, so always discuss it with your doctor first.

Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Studies have shown that near-infrared light therapy, or photobiomodulation, can be incredibly effective at reducing distressing side effects of different types of cancer therapy.

Red and infrared wavelengths may be beneficial for reducing pain, boosting brain health, improving wound healing, and helping with oral mucositis, which is a common effect of radiation therapy.

While more research is needed to see if near-infrared light therapy can treat cancer itself, it may be able to stimulate the body’s immune response and enhance the effectiveness of other anti-cancer therapies.

If you and your oncologist decide that Near-Infrared Light Therapy is right for your situation, reach out to Seed & Soil Wellness so we can support you on your journey toward good health.

Gratitude & Prayer

It might sound “woo-woo,” but scientific evidence has shown prayer and gratitude can be highly beneficial for physical health, even through cancer. While spiritual wellness may not make cancer disappear altogether, it can support your body’s ability to heal and improve your overall quality of life.

Having cancer is challenging, no doubt, but it doesn’t have to keep you from living a life full of joy. Receiving support from your inner guide, whatever that may mean for you, and leaning on a community for faith can become a huge aspect of your and your family’s healing process.

Dietary Supplements

Vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal and botanical remedies, can help support the body through cancer treatments. While we hesitate to say these things can treat cancer, they can certainly help you make leaps toward recovery and offer support once you’re on the other side.

Chemotherapy and medications for cancer can harm the organs but certain supplements can also take their toll, so it’s critical that you only supplement with the guidance of a professional such as Dr. Damon at Seed and Soil Wellness.

Chiropractic Care

Gentle and non-force hands-on techniques from a chiropractor can alleviate pain and aches, promoting the healing process by re-establishing seamless neural communication between the mind and body.

Persevere Through Fear

The journey through cancer is not easy, and often includes emotional distress and physical discomfort. It doesn’t help that we’ve been subconsciously programmed to fear cancer as a formidable force that is nearly impossible to defeat. Plus, many have been traumatized from witnessing loved ones fight through their own battle.

But at Seed and Soil Wellness, we believe persevering through our fear is more than possible when you have the right support team holding your hand. If you or someone you know is struggling with breast cancer, we send you our love and support. If you are interested in complementary therapies to make the process more manageable, reach out to Dr. Damon today – 727-282-4368.


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