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Integrative Doctor Shares the Health Benefits of Eating Seasonally

Although we don’t always notice the ‘changing seasons’ here in Florida, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of the autumn harvest. The shift from summer into fall and winter offers up an opportunity to eat foods that are only available during this time of year.

Whatever time of year it may be, eating seasonally allows us to reap the rewards of the natural cycles of the earth, meaning we get the best tastes, the best prices, and, most importantly, the most nutritional benefit.

In this post, our integrative doctor explains the health benefits of eating seasonally and why it’s particularly important if you are on a journey toward better vitality and longevity.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When You Eat Seasonally

There are many benefits to eating in-season foods. Purchasing in-season foods is typically more cost-effective since this produce travels a shorter distance from the farm to your plate. Farmers have to spend far less on transportation and storage.

Not only that, but the food you eat in season will have much greater nutritional value. You’re paying less for more!

No Artificial Ripening or Preservatives

Seasonal produce that naturally ripens in the sun is fresher without the need for ripening agents that can be toxic endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, and damaging to the gut lining (hello leaky gut).

Even more ‘natural’ ripening agents used on organic produce such as ethylene are extracted from petroleum and natural gas, making them unsustainable for long-term use and harmful to the environment.

Ripening agents are highly toxic to humans and/or damaging to the environment.

Plus, in-season produce will arrive on grocery store shelves much more quickly without the need for any sort of preservative chemicals. Many chemicals used for these processes are metabolic inhibitors, neurotoxins, and endocrine disruptors, and are generally harmful to the planet.

Higher Nutritional Value

When food can grow and ripen under natural conditions and is quickly transferred from the ground or vine to the grocery store aisles, it contains a much higher amount of nutrients, antioxidants, and phytonutrients.

Eating seasonally to get the most nutritional benefit from the food you put in your body!

The longer food sits before reaching your mouth, the more nutritional value it loses. It’s best to eat produce as soon as possible after it is harvested. Plus, it tastes far more flavorful!

Support for Your Body’s Natural Needs